Canadian Personal Injury Law

What Types of Cases Are Considered Part of Canadian Personal Injury Law? What cases are considered personal injury law cases? What situations warrant hiring a Calgary personal injury lawyer?

Car Crashes

Where you in a car crash where the other party was at fault? Were you hit and now fighting a claim that you were at fault? Was one of your family members involved in a collision or crash? Personal injury lawyers on our team are ready to help, and you need to talk to legal experts to protect your rights to achieve a fair outcome. Car crashes are a frequent issue taken up by Calgary personal injury law firms. The passengers of the at fault vehicle, the innocent driver's car or even literally in the middle can all turn to personal injury law firms for redress. You don’t have to be in the car to be injured by one. Pedestrian and bicyclist injuries due to collisions with a vehicle are part of personal injury law.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall injuries occur when a premises was not properly maintained. Slip and fall injuries and the resulting cases can arise from icy parking lots, wet floors in a business, un-marked holes in an apartment complex during repairs and renovations, exposed rebar not visible to pedestrians, uneven decks and pavements and many other situations. These injuries range from minor twisted ankles to serious falls, and all fall under the purview of personal injury law.

Toxic Torts

Toxic torts are those claims that arise from contact with a toxic substance. These claims range from lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure on the job to illnesses caused by chemical exposure on the job to heavy metal and lead poisoning causing birth defects.


Malpractice tends to refer to medical malpractice, when doctors and other medical professionals fail to provide the expected standard of care, fail to perform due diligence, act with malicious intent or even commit a criminal act. All of these cases are party of personal injury law.


Negligence takes many forms. A nursing home did not turn over a resident often enough, and the elder has developed bed sores and an infection as a result. The accountant failed to keep proper books, resulting in financial penalties. The architect’s plans were faulty, causing a building collapse or serious structural problem that is expensive to repair. Issues with drainage or safety lead to premises liability cases if not personal injury cases as well.

Product Liability

Product liability cases address consumer injuries caused by defective products.Companies often hire legal experts to fight these cases, especially if they can demonstrate that the consumer was not using the product properly or not paying proper attention while using the item.


Personal injury cases frequently occur after an animal attack, such as when a dog bites someone. Less frequent cases involve other animals such as someone’s ferret biting a visitor multiple times.

Assault and Abuse

Personal injury cases are a possibility when one person assaults another, resulting in medical bills and lost wages. Personal injury cases are an option when someone has been injured due to abuse, whether by a caregiver or family member. Personal injury claims are allowed when the injuries are the result of deliberate action but not intended to actually hurt you, such as when someone throws a rock to break your window and accidentally hits you in the head instead. Regardless of the cause, all of these types of personal injury should warrant a consultation with a Calgary personal injury law firm.