If you are like me, you hate having to pay those utility bills every month, and they just seem to keep getting higher and higher!  As members of a community, I feel that should have more options as to who supplies our needs like water, gas, and electric.  With the addition of more companies fighting for the ability to supply our necessities, I feel that this would inevitably drive prices down as well.

I started this website to be able to address this, among many other community issues that we deal with every day.  Issues like money, health, public education, housing issues, and more need to be addressed. I feel the best way to find a solution to our community problems is to get a broad view of everyone’s opinions.  By getting a sense of how everyone feels about a particular situation, and getting their take on a possible solution, I feel that we have a better chance to really make a difference.  Maybe someone out there in another community has a solution that worked for them, that someone from another area hasn’t thought of yet – this way those ideas can be shared amongst all of us.  From suggestions on how to get better options for our utility suppliers, to ways you can start community meetings in your area, there is nothing here that is off limits.  My only hope is that we can all work together towards a common goal, which is a better community.

Please send your questions or comments to me via the contact page on this site.