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Citizens for Public Power is a non-profit, grassroots organization established to give voice to people’s demand that the  power generation system remain in public hands. Canadian Citizens for Public Power was founded by a group of community leaders from diverse backgrounds including seniors’, consumer, environmental, labour, municipal, and academic.

Citizens for Public Power’s mandate is:

1. To promote the benefits of publicly owned and regulated power generation, transmission and distribution to British Columbians.
2. To advocate for an integrated system of power production, transmission, distribution, and related systems and services that provides affordable, clean, reliable, renewable energy to the people of British Columbia that is owned by the people of British Columbia.
3. To encourage energy conservation and alternative energy sources by public agencies.
4. To ensure that all levels of government and representatives in the Legislature are aware of the benefits of public power.
5. To make British Columbians aware of the implications of the deregulation, privatization, and break-up of BC Hydro.
6. To mobilize business, consumer, and community groups to ensure the interests of British Columbians are represented in any decision regarding BC Hydro.

Citizens for Public Power is registered as a non-profit society funded by donations from individuals and groups.

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Law-representationOur Calgary personal injury lawyers aid you when you have been harmed, physically, emotionally, materially or financially. Whether you need an attorney to help you navigate the personal injury Calgary area court system or want to file a personal injury claim due to a car accident, our team is here to help. Our disability lawyers in Calgary can help you whether you need assistance resolving conflicts at work regarding employment while disabled to filing for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped after your own disability. The Calgary malpractice lawyers in our office can sue those guilty of medical malpractice so that your medical bills, lost wages and physical therapy bills are all paid. Our team will assist you with claims against companies that used defective medical products, medical practitioners that left you disabled or suffering due to medical malpractice or failed to make a correct diagnosis that led to delays in critical treatment.

We have several Calgary defense lawyers on staff. We will defend you from any and all criminal charges filed against you. Our DUI lawyers in Calgary will defend your case for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and we will assist those who were wrongly arrested for DUI due to underlying health conditions or whose tests came up positive due to legally taken prescription drugs.

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calgary-immigrationDo you need a Calgary divorce attorney? Do you need assistance with a child custody case or want to receive more child support? Has a parent become incompetent and need a relative to take over their affairs? Do you need to take guardianship of a negligent relative’s child? Our family lawyers in Calgary are on hand to help you during these difficult transitions. Family law is not limited to difficult life transitions. You should also consult with our Calgary family law lawyers when drafting a prenuptial agreement, need to determine paternity of a child and establish parental rights or considering adopting a child.

Whether you need a Calgary real estate lawyer to sell a deceased parent’s home or handle a disputed will, our team can assist you during these difficult times. Our probate lawyers can handle the disposition of an estate. To avoid drama and conflict at your own passing, consult with our will lawyers to draft a document that properly carries out your wishes. We can advise you in your options as you plan for the care of dependent children and spouses or setting up charitable distributions upon your death.

Is your new home developing problems the home inspector didn’t find? Did the home renovation to turn your house into a dream home become a nightmare? Did the prior owner fail to disclose problems that have made your new home unlivable? Our real estate legal team in Calgary has the expertise you need. Conversely, you may need Calgary real estate lawyers to review the contracts and codicils offered by the home seller so that you have recourse if you later find problems with the property. You should consult real estate lawyers Calgary and beyond before you close on a home to prevent problems with the biggest purchase most of us ever make, as well as ensure that the contract is fair and stands up in court if issues do arise.

Are you moving to Calgary from another part of the world? Are you immigrating from Calgary to another nation? Do you want to bring your relatives to Canada to live? Are you a business immigrant confused about changes in investment visa terms? Let us help you with your Canadian visa whether staying for the season, a work term or, ideally, for life. Are you an American snowbird spending summers in Calgary in need of a US immigration lawyer in Calgary? Are you a Canadian in need of a US visa? Our US immigration lawyers in Calgary can help you file the necessary paperwork to avoid potential problems.

Do you need someone to fight negligence claims against your business? Our Calgary corporate lawyers can help. And if you need to challenge your insurer for refusing your insurance claims, our team is ready and willing to help as well. We can file criminal charges against employees who stole from you, and we have several labour lawyers on hand to help you determine your recourse when unusual situations arise. We can help you draft personnel policies that allow you to run your business without running afoul the law. Or utilize our expertise when facing worker’s compensation claims or in the case of an injury in the workplace. Our legal team will aid you in tax matters. We have several Calgary tax lawyers on staff whether you need to develop a legal strategy to minimize your tax bill, properly document tax deductions or determine your tax bill.

Don’t rely on standard legal forms when drafting contracts with clients, suppliers and customers. Contact the best corporate lawyers Calgary has to offer. Our civil lawyers in Calgary serve the business community in all regards. Our Calgary litigation layers can help you file a suit against clients who have not paid their bills and suppliers who delivered shoddy goods or failed to deliver at all. We can defend your business against litigation or file litigation as required. Was someone harmed while engaging in a dangerous activity and blamed your business or your product for their injuries? Our Alberta personal injury experts can help defend your business against such personal injury claims.

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