Harnessing Energy from Renewable Sources

08 Apr

Harnessing Energy from Renewable SourcesThe search for alternative energy sources has now escalated to global proportions. Government agencies, educational institutions and scientists are all working together to look for alternative sources of fuels other than the traditional fossil sources. The direction is to find methods that are environmentally friendly. Most people would agree that the price that’s paid for the latest technology is the progressively increasing demand for fuel. This scenario has lead to the depletion of the some of the earth’s natural resources. Continue Reading

Teaching Energy Conservation in Schools

19 Mar

Teaching Energy Conservation in the ClassroomGiven that classrooms all over the country are used at a minimum of 40 hours each week, the accumulated cost for consumption can be overwhelming. Older institutions often occupy large buildings with wide rooms and high ceilings rooms which results in huge energy bills for public schools across all states.

By implementing energy-saving measures however, school administrators can help reduce their expenses by thousands of dollars each year. Continue Reading

Into The Darkness

21 Jul

We’re all used to it by now, the constant digging up of the roads and pavements for pipes and cables to be repaired or new ones laid.  What gets me is why the utility companies can’t get together and do it all in one hit. They don’t seem to realize the impact they are having – not just on the people whose daily lives are disrupted but to the environment too.

Now it’s happening again – fibre optic cables are being rolled out everywhere and that means another road or two being dug up.  That means yet another load of cables going in on top of the ones we already have.

A Better Way

The thing is, there is a better way. I understand that these things have to be done – we need sewer lines, we need electricity and cable and, these days, we all need that fast internet. What we don’t need is another layer in the ground, or the roads being dug up time and time again.

The solution is called dark fibre.  It’s fibre optic cable that isn’t being used – yet. Instead of digging up the road several times, dark fibre providers should be able to gain access to the trenches when they are first dug. That way, their cable can be installed, inside a sewer line, or a conduit that used to carry electricity cables.  It can sit there for as long as it needs, not being used.

Dark fibre is also capable of carrying a much bigger and faster bandwidth than any other form of connection. Therefore, it can serve more homes and businesses and if it’s laid in a trench or pipe that is already there, it takes up less space.

How Does it Help the Environment?

For a start, it means the roads are only dug up once. That means less noisy dirty vehicles are used, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and emissions sewed into the air. Plus, dark fibre providers, such as this one, use autonomous robots to get into the pipes and lay the lines. That cuts the cost of installing and cuts down on the number of people and vehicles required as well as the time taken to install.

Everyone wins – we all get our high-speed internet, we don’t get another trench dug in the road and the environment is given a bit of breathing space.

The Urgent Need for Eco-Friendly Construction Practices

02 Jul

The destruction of the natural environment is one of the most pressing challenges that the world is facing these days. If you are a regular news listener, it is common to hear about pollution, climate change and the overconsumption of resources, recognized as among the many causes and effects of environmental degradation. More than individuals and households, big businesses and corporations are identified as the main culprits in the depletion of the Earth’s resources as well as the major contributors to land, water and air pollution. Among these businesses are those belonging to the building industry and for this reason, there is a serious need to implement construction practices that are more friendly to the environment.

By its technical definition, eco-friendly construction involves the building of structures that are resource efficient using methods that are eco-friendly. This means that there is no wasted energy in erecting the structure, and the materials utilized are renewable and sourced locally. Naturally, it likewise includes equipping the structure with green technologies that will enable the future occupants to consume energy efficiently as well.

The vast amounts of energy consumption of construction businesses come about through the manufacture and transport of building materials and the operation of machines and equipment that run on oil, a fossil fuel. The burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of the phenomenon known as climate change, which is negatively impacting countries all over the world. Hence, as much as possible, building contractors should make use of local materials to minimize the energy consumed during transport.

Additionally, eco-friendly materials can be used. A good example is replacing asbestos-based insulation materials with recycled paper that has been pulped. This not only lessens health hazard but reduces pollution. There is also a growing trend these days to use storage containers for houses and offices, to do away with building new structures. Storage containers are very easy to obtain, since there are several used storage containers for sale from sites like http://www.usedstoragecontainersusa.com. Structures built from storage containers are not only innovative, they are also less expensive and eco-friendly because the quantity of materials used in construction is significantly reduced.

Obviously, there are other ways in which a structure can be made eco-friendly. It can feature solar panels for heating or lighting or a small-scale water treatment facility. For an average home, energy-efficiently light bulbs can be installed and locally-harvested wood can be used for construction.

Opting for an eco-friendly building is worth the investment and effort. It not only helps in preserving the environment and conserving resources, it also results in better health. In a world where the negative impact of environmental degradation is being felt on a global scale, being eco-friendly is indeed a necessary choice and the right response.

Functional Office Design to Help Achieve Small Scale Business Success

30 Jun

Putting up and starting a small business may require you to build your own small office or rent one if you can afford it. Big or small, offices need to be attractive and relaxing to reduce stress and fatigue from office work or business activities. Here are some tips to help ensure that your office space will contribute to the success of your small business.

  • The first thing you need to ensure once you rent an office space is the quality of electrical supply, which should be commensurate to your power supply requirements.
  • Lighting is very important. Business spaces require a different kind of lighting system than the one used at home. Think of using energy-saving lighting equipment that will not only provide adequate and efficient lighting that are environment-friendly and long-lasting. Utility bills make up a major part of any business undertaking and thinking of more ways to save will help your business and you wallet as well.
  • See to it that there is space for all your staff, your equipment and office furniture.  There should be at least a small reception area and a larger space for you to conduct your meetings.
  • Ventilation should be more than adequate to ensure proper air circulation. Good ventilation is important to maintain good atmosphere in your workplace and make it more comfortable and healthier for you and your staff.
  • An organized office space is a must. If everything is in the right place, your office will have a professional look, which contributes to ensuring success. There are plenty of storage options out there that are very functional and yet trendy enough to complement your office design.
  • Choose ergonomic office furniture that are also space-savers. If you can afford it, get the help of an interior decorator or see samples of office space and furniture layouts that are available from office equipment and furniture dealers.

You do not have to design your office in the corporate style. The interior should be pleasant enough not to distract people from their work and yet inviting enough to please visiting clients. For those looking for a Chicago office space, visit this site.


Reasons Why Metal Roofs Are Good for the Environment

27 Jun

Here’s the thing about roofs: they can either turn your home into a cool, comfort zone or into the very gate to the furious pits of fire. That’s admittedly exaggerated but you get the point. Even if your roof looks like something the Royal Queen would love, it still sucks if it turns your home into a giant toaster.

During summer, costs for air coolers spike up by more than 50%. If you’re one of those homeowners who break the bank just to make the house cooler, read on.

Metal roofs are currently the buzz when it comes to green housing. They’re made from copper, aluminum, tin, or steel. Ask any environment-obsessed home designer and s/he’ll tell you that metal roofs are the greenest roofs you can realistically install on your home. And they will tell you the following reasons why this is so:

1. Metal roofs suck in retaining heat. Metals are metals; yes, they conduct heat better than all other roofing materials, but they also let go of the heat faster. This is because they’re thin and essentially do not have any means to hold the heat. Metal roofs release significantly less heat into the house than other roofing materials. In fact, it can reflect as much as 90% of heat, earning it its place in the EPA Energy Star Roof Products Program. The paint of the roof makes significant difference, however. Make sure to paint it light so it will reflect rather than absorb much of the heat from the sun.

2. They’re recyclable. Think of all the roofing shingles that end up on landfills year after year. Nobody wants them anymore because what else can you use it for? Metal roofs are not like this; if you decide that you’re sick of them, you can remove it and reuse it any way you want. Maybe you can use it as planks or recycled building materials. They will also be recycled if you leave it to recycling or metal companies, so no worries. You can also buy recycled metal roofs to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. You can catch water with it. Who said you can’t take advantage of the rainwater? As it turns out, metal roofs don’t have toxic chemicals that asphalt shingles have. They are also not friendly with algae and mildew, so you can use them to collect rainwater. You can install drums or cisterns strategically and use the water in cleaning the car or the backyard. This will help reduce the monthly water bill, so why not?

4. It lasts long. Metal roofs are so durable they can literally last as long as 50 years. Compare that to the measly 15 to 20 years of other roof types. You won’t have to worry about replacing the roof which takes a lot of time and money. No matter what types of metal roofs you use (more details here), you are guaranteed a long life span. Just make sure to get a trusted contractor of metal roofs so you’ll get the best out of the deal. 

Car Trailer Hire Banned for Hybrid and other Electric Cars

25 May

The big corporations have struck again. An Australian state has pushed through legislation, backed by the auto industry, to ban people hiring trailers if they are using a hybrid or electric vehicle. The official announcement relates to a concern about safety, but we all know that hybrid vehicles are perfectly capable of towing a trailer. In fact, the only reason that most manufacturers limit the towing capacity of their hybrid cars is due to the fact that it would inflate their mileage stats. This is a massive blow for owners of electric vehicles and could be the difference between car buyers overlooking these vehicles. We fear that this will most likely be the first of many decisions that restrict the use of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Big Problem

We can easily blame the government or auto groups for this problem, but manufacturers also need to take some of the blame. For example, the Toyota Hybrid Camry is capable of 187Nm of torque from the gas engine and another 270Nm of torque from the electric engine. This means that these two engines easily have enough torque to haul a small trailer or caravan. However, Toyota has no official towing rating for their hybrid and they actually recommend against it. Furthermore, the Australian Government’s Australian Design Rule documentation shows that it isn’t rated to tow any weight at all (braked or unbreaked).

Our Solution

The car manufacturers need to begin supporting their hybrid and electric vehicles more strongly. They need to lobby government and automotive groups and stop the spread of misinformation about these versatile vehicles. They also need to improve their marketing campaigns and maybe even actually make the towing capacity of a hybrid car a feature of an advertising and safety campaign. They also need to encourage governments to overhaul towing regulations and begin to adjust their figures for these new vehicles. Lastly, towing capacity of hybrid vehicles needs to be supported by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers actually warn users against towing with a hybrid and some even go as far to say that warranty will be affected! However, there is no good reason that a hybrid cannot tow the same (or similar) weight as the petrol equivalent.

The Trailer Hire Companies

The trailer hire agencies were obviously shocked by this news and a spokesman for the industry said that no consultation has taken place. Companies such as cartrailerhire.net.au, a car trailer hire specialist, and motoring groups such as the NRMA have vowed to fight the changes and are lobbying the federal government to step into the process. Although hybrid vehicles make up a relatively small number of cars on the road, they are becoming more common. Having to turn away customers is not something that the trailer hire companies want to do, but this new government legislation makes this mandatory. The legislation is even more confusing because hybrid and electric car makers are now giving their vehicles official towing capacity approval. The situation is a farce and the industry, government and manufacturers need to come together to develop a working solution. Hybrid vehicles are a great green alternative to the traditional gas vehicles and they don’t need extra issues to put potential buyers off their purchase.

YouTube Videos Provide Many Points on Alternative Energy

22 May

The world of alternative energy has expanded to the point where there are a variety of different kinds of solutions that entail unique procedures. These include such things as wind, solar and kinetic energy among many other solutions. The world is still growing to this day as more people are finding new ways to take advantage of many interesting items that can actually create energy as needed.

YouTube has become a hub for information on alternative energy as people are posting many videos on different kinds of energy solutions. These videos will give all people smart ideas on just why it is so important to see how different energy solutions are available.

People particularly look these days to find many ways to get more people to watch these videos. Some places will even buy subscribers in some cases. It’s all to have more people see just why alternative energy is such a worthwhile concept to buy into.

How Are New Resources Used?

It is amazing how so many new resources are being used to power up different items. These include many easily renewable materials like wood chips from forests that are amazingly easy to replant and regrow. Meanwhile, some places can use wastes from landfills to generate energy. Practically anything in the world could be used for energy these days as long as the right research and testing is done to make it all possible.

The ways how all of these resources are used to get alternative energy ready will vary based on the particular video being covered. Some videos will talk about the need to create new plants that operate on this energy while others can simply entail basic machines that can be built in one’s home.

All videos have their own details on what is available and how different energy solutions may work as needed. In fact, people who click here at http://www.viewsaccelerator.com to buy YouTube subscribers often do so because they know that their videos on some of these amazing new technologies will be easier to report upon.

Demonstrations are Typically Covered

Demonstration on how alternative energy can work will especially be covered on a site. These videos will list information on such things as how different kinds of solar panels or wind turbines are designed and how they will collect energy when placed in a space where they will actually work. This could create a better solution for taking care of items.

These demonstrations can even tell people about how they can use different energy solutions in their own homes. Of course, this is for cases where items are easy to generate and will not be a risk to anyone who uses them.

New Experiments Are Listed Too

One interesting part of YouTube videos that is worth exploring is that they showcase interesting new experiments on alternative energy. Most of these involve new ways to use traditional forms of alternative energy but many others will include experiments on how energy may be generated.

Much of this involves the study of new machines and devices that will generate energy and will do so without using up outside energy. Part of this involves the use of magnetic and kinetic energy for the most part so all videos will include their own bits of information on what might be included.

All of these features are great aspects to discover when it comes to all kinds of YouTube videos that relate to alternative energy. These are all great videos that are worth exploring because they include many fascinating points that are devoted to the extensive world of alternative energy and how it can be used to anyone’s general advantage.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint – How Locksmiths can Help

21 May

At the forefront of world discussions these days is the environment and how we can all do our bit to help protect it.  The subject of the carbon footprint comes up frequently although not many people really understand what it is.

The carbon footprint is to do with greenhouse gases that human activity produces, whether directly or indirectly. It is normally discussed in terms of CO2.  For example, driving a car produced CO2 from the burnt fuel – how much depends on how the car is driven and how much fuel is burnt.

Heating your house produces CO2, even if you use electric and the production process of the food and other goods you buy also produces a certain amount.  All of this CO2 goes into the atmosphere and is a direct cause of global warming, something that needs to be stopped, or at least slowed down if we are to avert a major environmental catastrophe in the future.

How Can We Help?

Everyone can help by cutting down on the amount they drive, by not using their heating or air conditioning when it isn’t needed.  Every business is trying to do its bit to reduce their carbon footprint, including locksmiths.  Now, you might wonder how a locksmith can possibly help but you shouldn’t be surprised at the answer:

  • Electronic Invoicing

Many locksmiths have now gone over to electronic invoicing, doing away with all the paper required for invoices and receipts. Any mail or other waste paper in their offices is shredded and recycled.

  • Metal

If a lock can be fixed, it will be. Most locksmiths do not change locks for the sake of it and, if they do, the old lock is melted and reused

  • Plastic

Most companies find that their materials are delivered wrapped in some kind of plastic.  Anything that can be is sent for recycling.

  • Vehicles

Many locksmiths now use scooters or bicycles instead of cars and vans, especially if they are working in a local area.

One way you can help protect the environment is to only use professionals who use green methods in their work.  If you are looking for a good locksmith in Bromley give this company a look – you won’t be disappointed.

It’s Time to Examine the Self-Esteem & Appearance-Related Needs Of The Underprivileged

20 May

A picture is worth a thousand words. This old cliché is being stretched to its limits in concert by both the media and prominent cosmetic companies in the USA trying to milk the multi-billion dollar Beauty Industry. A huge proportion of photos of women are deliberately touched up digitally, hiding blemishes and emphasizing attractive features, thereby influencing the average person’s concept of what the meaning of achievable health and beauty actually is.

While digital alteration or the artificial manipulation of an individual’s image are phenomena that everyone is aware of, most are in the dark about the extent of such manipulation to suit the need of the moment. In true life, the true images are ‘distorted’ to unrealistic, even impossible extents and displayed repeatedly to affect the viewer’s perceptive. This gross misrepresentation is not limited to just fashion magazines; video and TV have also been channelized in this unethical practice. Unrealistic beauty standards are a bane to society.

When Coward and Kuhn defined the features of a beautiful woman in 1985, they stated that the ideal woman should be tanned, healthy and slim, with no ugly bumps, protuberances or cellulite, and perfect in both body and face, the outcome of hours of labor, physical exercise, deftly applied makeup and well tended hair. What they did not know was that their nattily worded phrase would add two appendages in the years to come- plastic or cosmetic surgery and the Adobe Photoshop feature on most desk and laptop computers.

We’ll see thousands of pictures of women in the media who we’ll never get to see in one lifespan, or ever meet tete-a-tete. Those pictures will create a mental baseline for ‘beautiful’, ‘common’ and ‘healthy’. When women actually compare their features on the basis of the artificially created norms that do not actually exist in daily life, the quest for an image of a beautiful healthy body is a lost cause. While this may or may not affect the general population at large, the fact remains that a cause for depression has been placed on the anvil for a fair share of indigent women, waiting for the hammer to strike. Some institutions in Brazil may have decided that beauty treatment is for one and all and provided free treatment to over 15,000 underprivileged women; the Beauty Industry in the USA is bound to oppose a similar proposal to the limit.

There are hundreds of ‘socially responsible businesses’ that bring about social changes through the medium of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, which is a burning topic in underdeveloped countries. One example of CSR is the creation of and putting into use philanthropic foundations. CSR activity burst onto the USA horizon through the 1970s / 80s with entrepreneurs operating in the private sector, small business establishments and large corporations redefined social markets to initiate social enterprises. The results were:

  • Day-care centers were created
  • Small children were enrolled in educational programs
  • Dropouts from high-school were also enrolled in educational programs
  • Counseling for senior or older students was provided
  • Housing projects were made affordable
  • Vocational training was imparted followed by job-placement
  • Hospices, rehabilitation services, wind farms, drug abuse centers and psychiatric and mental-health centers were set up

Many other businesses replicating services provided hitherto only by nonprofit /government agencies were established. Why could a center not be set up for free beauty treatment on lines parallel to the Brazil example? The IT sector has more millionaires than workers, why not tap their sense of equal beauty rights? Why not ask for second hand clothes from the rich and idle, who, more often than not, wear an outfit only once? These semi-new clothes could then be provided to those that need them.

As an example, embarrassing problems like skin conditions often occur due to melanin production malfunction in the body. Hyperpigmentation is caused by excessive melanin, leading to liver spots and melasma in pregnant women. Apart from home remedies, there are many medicated creams available to alleviate skin color problems. No matter the reasons one is seeking skin whitening, this post discussing best skin lightening creams for melasma and other hyperpigmentation problem will be informative. The aforementioned look-good-any-age site reviews meladerm, one popular cream in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Such creams could easily be provided and distributed by a social organization to people living in poverty that still have the right to better their appearance and present themselves with greater dignity.

Of the billions of people on this planet, over 60% belong to the underprivileged class. Why does each religion say that all were born equal? Were some born more equal than others? It is these indigent people who do the world’s dirtiest work to survive on a day to day basis. Going further, what stops all of mankind, or at least those who care but do not have the money to do so, getting free beauty treatment? Why can’t current socially responsible businesses take on the responsibility of making the world a better place to live in? Think about it dispassionately – it can be done.

Crimes against the Environment – Dumping and Littering

19 May

Believe it or not, dumping and littering completely different. The only way in which they are the same is that they are both environmental crimes.  They both carry stiff penalties, even incarceration, if you are caught, although littering does carry a lesser penalty.

Dumping and Littering – The Difference

In Oklahoma, the difference is determined by what you are dumping and how much of it there is.  An example would be a small bag of household waste or an empty plastic bottle against several bags of garbage, white goods and furniture. The first is classed as littering, the latter as dumping.

If you dump hazardous materials such as car batteries that will carry an even higher penalty.

Littering is a crime wherever it happens. Dumping becomes illegal when:

  • Waste is deposited on property that does not have a license to receive it
  • You dumped the waste without having a license to do so
  • You let someone else dump their waste on your land without being licenses to receive it

Illegal dumping is becoming a huge problem, not just in Oklahoma but also across the whole of the United States. So many people are now dumping household goods, construction waste, vehicles and batteries that it has become a real threat to the environment and action has to be taken.

Common Questions:

  • Who is liable for prosecution? Both individuals and corporate bodies. If a company is responsible, the individual managers or executives can be prosecuted
  • Is there any defense?  Little, unfortunately, especially if you are caught red-handed.
  • What if I am being prosecuted for illegal dumping and I had nothing to do with it?   If you can prove that you had nothing to do with the crime but are still being prosecuted then it is time to call in an attorney. A professional and experienced attorney can help to get the charges dropped if you are innocent or, if you are guilty, perhaps get you a lesser penalty.

Whether you are guilty or not, if you are being prosecuted for illegal dumping, littering or other environmental crimes, you should call a Tulsa criminal attorney, such as those found in this website , to help you in your defense.

The Housing Communities of Canada

09 May

Believe it or not, even the richest countries in the world still face the problem of homelessness. Millions of people from all over the world still don’t have permanent shelter, and many of these people are located in the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, and other rich countries. The good news, however, is that world governments continue to fight such a problem. They continue to institute programs that work to provide permanent shelter to homeless people. What’s really great is that many of these programs are proving to be very successful.

Here in Canada, one of the more successful programs that aim to tackle homelessness is the “community housing” program. Through such a program, affordable housing has been put up all over the country. And through affordable housing, thousands of people from all over the country have been able to attain permanent homes.

Despite, the success of the country’s community housing program, however, it is not a perfect solution to the problem of homelessness. The housing communities put up through such programs are not enough to provide housing to every homeless person in the country. In addition to this, many of the housing communities that have been put up are poorly maintained. The residents of the poorly maintained housing communities, despite having permanent shelter, still live in an environment unsuitable for modern living. The good news, however, is that there are many charitable individuals and entities who try to help improve the living conditions of housing community residents.

April Wheeler is a full time binary options trader. Since she started doing binary options trading with her current binary options broker, Banc de Binary, she has been able to earn thousands of dollars’ worth of income each month. Because April is a very charitable individual, she makes it a point to donate a significant portion of her earnings to housing communities. Through her and many others’ help, so many housing communities from all over the country are now being maintained properly. When we asked Wheeler about her being charitable, she told us this:

“Since I created my Banc de Binary account, I’ve been earning too much money. I’m a very thrifty person, so I’m able to get by even when I’m not earning a lot. I earn a lot more than what I need to live on, and for this reason, I just donate the money that doesn’t go to my savings to housing communities. The knowledge that I’m making a huge difference in the lives of so many other people really warms my heart.”

Hopefully, this post of ours gets more people to help the residents of housing communities out. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you extend to them. If you want to just donate money, that’s fine; if you want to use your expertise and volunteer, that’s fine too. What’s important is that one actually makes it a point to help out.

Tomorrow, we are going to talk about a cause that’s very dear to us: the promotion of alternative energy. Everyone needs to know about why exactly alternative energy is a lot better than fossil fuel-based energy. So please, do visit our site again tomorrow.

Solar-Paneled Air Con for an Eco-Friendly Summer

05 May

When the heat attacks you, you fight it with a super cool air conditioner. But as you fight the heat, your escalating electric bill defeats you. In fact, American households spend not less than $15 billion a year on home cooling. To stress it more, about 5 percent of all consumed electricity in the US is used by aircon units.

The environment is not very happy too; the more consumed energy, the more carbon footprint. The cooling process of aircons releases approximately 140 million tons or 127 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. And in turn, the rising global temperature calls for increased use of air cooling units.

Where Do We Turn To Then?

Fortunately for us, there’s such a thing as a solar-paneled air conditioner. Using an energy source that is not going to run out of in summer, it’s an efficient and eco-friendly way to cool down. This innovation just makes sense on a lot of levels. And so does the US government’s support to more researches on solar energy technologies. Since 2008, more funds were allocated to develop and mass produce more solar power technologies.

This interest spurred noteworthy developments in solar technologies. From aircons that use too much power, aircons that directly use solar energy to cool an entire house are now possible. There are lots available in the market, but you should be careful in selecting the most efficient and suitable aircon unit for you. Reading some portable air conditioner reviews might help.

How Does It Work?

Every solar-powered aircon units have different mechanisms, but there are two general types: hybrid and chillers. A hybrid system comes with a photovoltaic technology (PV) combined with direct current (DC). This basically means that the unit can switch to solar and battery power as needed. If you set it on hybrid mode, it will charge when the sun is shining. If there’s no sun, it will run on backup batteries while also charging using alternating current power.

On the other hand, chillers or evaporative coolers heat and cool water through the processes evaporation and condensation. Solar energy powers the fan and motor of the chillers which cool the air.

Both types of solar-powered aircons are guaranteed to lessen energy usage and carbon footprint, good for your pocket and the environment. 

Backyard Organic Gardening for a Healthier Environment

26 Apr

I’m sure you’ve heard about organic agriculture before. Years ago, organic farming is tied up with hippies and tree huggers only. Now, almost everyone prefers organic foods from chemically-processed ones, especially with the recent heated discussion of the dangers of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Environmental Benefits of Organic Gardening

First and foremost, having a garden will add plants that will absorb carbon dioxide which is toxic to the atmosphere and aggravates climate change. Organic gardening also values the health of the soil. It does not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in fear of permanently damaging the soil. It also practices crop rotations and inter-cropping which promote replenishment of soil nutrients.

Organic gardening is also good for water. Since it does not introduce toxic chemicals to the water system, it helps in maintaining a healthier source of water. For example, farmers in France and Germany are highly encouraged to switch to organic farming to hamper groundwater pollution. The use of organic fertilizers such as animal and green manure also enhances the soil structure, which in turn promotes infiltration of water.

Further, organic farming promotes holistic growth of biodiversity. Fauna and flora species thrive in organic gardens because organic fertilizers and pesticides do not harm them the way synthetic chemicals do.

Overall, it has a positive impact to ecology as it promotes healthy ecological processes such as water recycling, carbon sequestration, soil conditioning, nutrient cycling, predation, and habitats.

Organic Gardening for Your Home

But organic farming is not just for traditional farmers who have their own farming land. You, a home owner, can also have your own organic garden right at your home. You can turn your concrete backyard into an organic garden with just a few steps:

1. Demolish your concrete backyard. You can do this on your own or you can hire demolition contractors such as those at Proven Contractors. Hiring professional demolishers is definitely easier and faster. You can also hire excavation contractors here so that unhealthy soil will be removed and the remaining soil will be properly exposed and tilled.

2. Cover the area with sand and soil. Add a layer of sand as a foundation of the soil you will add later. Leave this for a couple of days, and then add a good quality top soil about 2 to 2.5 inches thick. Level the soil and leave it for one to two days.

3. Water the soil and keep it moist. Next, water the soil and make sure it stays moist. This is to ensure that grass will grow in it. Leave it for about one to two weeks until you see some grass beginning to sprout.

4. Keep the grass. Watch out for the growth of the grass. If after a month the grass height reaches 2 inches, that means the area is now healthy for planting.

5. Plant away! When your backyard is fully covered with green grass, you can now start planting! Make sure that you check out proper techniques in organic farming so that your garden is healthy both for you, your family, and the environment.