Harnessing Energy from Renewable Sources

08 Apr

Harnessing Energy from Renewable SourcesThe search for alternative energy sources has now escalated to global proportions. Government agencies, educational institutions and scientists are all working together to look for alternative sources of fuels other than the traditional fossil sources. The direction is to find methods that are environmentally friendly. Most people would agree that the price that’s paid for the latest technology is the progressively increasing demand for fuel. This scenario has lead to the depletion of the some of the earth’s natural resources. Continue Reading

Teaching Energy Conservation in Schools

19 Mar

Teaching Energy Conservation in the ClassroomGiven that classrooms all over the country are used at a minimum of 40 hours each week, the accumulated cost for consumption can be overwhelming. Older institutions often occupy large buildings with wide rooms and high ceilings rooms which results in huge energy bills for public schools across all states.

By implementing energy-saving measures however, school administrators can help reduce their expenses by thousands of dollars each year. Continue Reading

Keeping Track of Shared Equipment

10 Apr

Some large community housing projects may require inventory management software. A good system can be used to track all shared equipment, for example ladders, gardening tools, lawn mowers, power tools, saws, wrenches, and some other shared items. Most communities usually share these items among their residents. In order to track all shared inventories, many large community projects have installed tracking programs. Tracking software has many benefits for all users. Here are some advantages for all people who want to track their shared items easily. Because of these benefits, many people want to find the best inventory control program.

1. Track the Equipment’s Location

A good management system is required to track the position of all equipment easily. Without a proper tracking system, most communities are not able to identify the location of their items when community members borrow them. There are some applications offering real-time tracking system. A good tracking system can be connected to the internet, so you can gain access to the information at any time from anywhere with connectivity. An effective tracking system lets you know who has what item and where it is located right now.

2. Schedule the Borrowing Period

A good inventory management software allows all users to schedule their time to use the equipment. Such a schedule is particularly important for seasonal items. Usually everyone wants snow shovels and gardening equipment at the same time. However, if everyone is responsible about scheduling only what they really need and when they will actually be using it, the calendar should work.

3. Easy Controlling

Many community housing projects function better when they do use proper inventory management software for controlling their shared equipment, tools and other supplies. At least once a year, the housing manager updates the inventory just in case some pieces have gone missing or are in need of repair or replacement.

The software can also track and produce reports or send alerts on other information. For example, items such as lawn mowers can be flagged when they are due for maintenance. In the fall, the condition of the gardening equipment can be noted in the software where it is available when it is time to prepare the budget for next year.

After learning about some benefits from a good inventory control system, people can start finding the best software for themselves. There are many types of inventory applications on the market today. You can find the best software for controlling your shared equipment easily. Some programs are designed to have great features for all users. It is important to compare some available inventory control apps on the Internet today. You can start looking for the best software, which is suitable for your organization or business. Try to compare their features, so you can find a good tracking system with good features for yourself.

It might take some convincing for the management board of the community housing to understand how inventory software is an investment. It can save time, money and a great deal of frustration for everyone involved. Do your research and prepare the arguments for installing such a program. It will be well worth it.

The Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas

06 Apr

Everyone knows what tremendous benefits trees provide the surroundings. These benefits become more pronounced in the urban areas where a larger number of people live. Compared to the rural environment, conditions in the city areas are relatively less than ideal. Temperatures and noise levels are higher, the air and water are not as pure and the landscape is more man-made than natural. Considering the capabilities of trees in helping to solve these problems, an increasing number of communities are making efforts to have more trees and vegetation in their neighborhoods.

Trees aid in lowering temperatures. In cities, urban heat islands are commonplace. These are places where temperatures are significantly higher than the surrounding air, owing to the presence of concrete buildings and roads and other human activities. With the presence of trees, however, ambient temperature of an area can become cooler. To achieve the maximum cooling effect, trees or other forms of vegetation can be planted around buildings or near parking lots and walkways, where the ground is mostly covered by concrete.

With cooler air, there is less demand for air conditioning, reducing energy consumption. Further, trees are very effective in removing pollutants and contaminants in the air, thus improving the air quality that people breathe in. Also, the vegetative cover that trees provide for the soil reduces erosion and runoff. This absorbent and water filtering abilities enhances the quality of the water that seeps underground and prevents floods. Dense vegetation made up of trees and shrubs can largely reduce noise pollution when it screens sound waves. In the area of road maintenance, studies indicate that tree shade can deter the deterioration of pavement. This can save the government a lot of expenses in infrastructure maintenance. A tree can also be a space where birds, insects and other organisms can take residence. In this way, it contributes to the overall ecological health of an area.

In addition to environmental benefits, trees also offer social advantages. Green areas in communities are favorite places for the inhabitants, providing recreation places to rest, play or gather together. Gatherings foster interaction, thereby enhancing feelings of kinship and solidarity. A neighborhood that has more solid ties is more responsive and more cooperative to the government’s development programs; and, more likely to help one another, which promotes progress. Trees also add to an areas aesthetic value. A landscape that is mostly made up of concrete buildings can look harsh and uninviting. However, with the addition of trees and greenery, the view can be made more refreshing appealing.

The benefits of trees far outweigh the costs of caring for them. Results from a cost-benefit study made on trees showed that benefits from a tree can amount to thirty to ninety US dollars per year, while the annual cost to maintain it ran up to just fifteen to sixty-five US dollars. These expenses included costs incurred in planting, inspecting and pruning. Among the three, pruning was the largest expenditure, mainly because pruning requires not just the purchase of pruning devices; but, also costs for large pieces of equipment like rental of scissors lifts and acquisition of boom lifts.

Having trees in our surroundings are indeed advantageous, whether you live in the city or in the country. If you can’t plant a tree where you live, you can volunteer to care for one on your street or give support to your community’s greening programs. By doing so, you will be doing an important part in making your community more livable.

The Eco-Friendly Sustainable Solution to All-Weather Gardening

04 Apr

When you live in a country with haphazard conditions you quickly get used to not being too dependent on the weather. This can often lead to employing methods that are damaging both to the local community and the environment. Pesticides, artificial lighting, chemical nutrient solutions all come to mind. In this article, I want to propose an alternative.

It can be sunny one day, then raining the next, red hot one day, then freezing cold! The typical “British Summer”, for example, is an incredibly confusing time and nobody knows what to expect.

As a gardener, this causes me an immense amount of frustration.

I like to grow a range of specialist plants, but the problem with this is that they require very specific conditions in order to grow. It’s just so hard to guarantee these conditions, and so often I would pass up the opportunity to grow a plant that I was interested in.

It wasn’t just me that suffered with this problem; the more gardeners I spoke to, the more I realized what a pain this was!

Recently I’ve been using a hydroponic system to grow my plants indoors. I’ve found that this nifty little system actually offers me an incredible amount of control over my growing without resorting to harmful methods, and this allows me to grow a considerably larger range of plants. If you want to grow more complex plants and improve your skills as a gardener, a hydroponic system is definitely a worthwhile investment.

No longer am I at the mercy of the unreliable British weather – my hydroponic system controls ever variable naturally and sustainably.

I have an LED light which gives the plants all the sunlight they could ever need. In fact, the light can produce lights at different ends of the light spectrum, meaning I can switch to different settings to give my plants the light they need at whatever stage of the growing cycle they’re at. Because the sunlight isn’t natural, I can allow my plants to bask in the artificial light for longer, meaning they actually receive more light than they would outside.

The same goes for temperature. I have a thermostat in place and can select the exact temperature I require. It can even be adjusted to provide a different temperature during the day to the night time. By providing an optimal, and most importantly, constant temperature, I know that whatever plant I choose will be able to thrive in the conditions I’ve provided.

Finally, the watering process. I’ve always tried to use soluble nutrients when watering my plants, and my plants can also absorb the nutrients that naturally occur in the soil. In a hydroponic system, the nutrients my plants receive can be tailored to a far greater detail, encouraging strong all round health. The system is designed to water the plants itself, which really saves your back. A few tweaks on the preprogrammed control panel and I’m good to go! The system will water my plants at the desired time of day and will even water them the amount I select.

You really do have complete control over your plants environment. There’s no greater feeling for me than growing a brand new type of plant and tweaking my system until I get it exactly right. By recording everything down, I know that if I ever want to grow that plant again I can have my system up and running in the best possible way in absolutely no time at all.

Without doubt, a soil-less growing system was the best investment I’ve ever made when it comes to my gardening.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – What Does This Really Mean?

03 Apr

In today’s generation where most people are very environmentally aware, you have likely come across the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Obviously, it is a tagline that reminds people to be more circumspect in throwing away things that they think they no longer need. It is also a reminder for each one not to generate too much waste.

According to statistics, the average human being produces about four pounds of waste every day. Multiplying this figure with the number of individuals in a locality amounts to millions of tons of garbage produced each year. Most of these go to a landfill, the most common way of disposing garbage. Decomposing organic matter in a landfill releases methane, a greenhouse gas which causes global warming. If amount of garbage produced is lessened, then there will also be a subsequent reduction in the methane gas released to the atmosphere. It is appropriate, therefore, to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reducing waste is the most effective method in waste management because it signifies efforts to minimize waste at the source, so there won’t be any need to recycle or dispose of it. At home, you can buy your groceries and other items in bulk so you do not have to dispose of too much packaging. When shopping, bring your reusable bag for your purchases so you do not have to use the stores’ plastic bags. At the office, try to use less paper by sharing files digitally instead of printing them on paper.

Waste reduction can also be practiced by businesses, even those who carry out their business on water. Cruise ships, which are touted as one of the most waste generating establishments, adhere to stringent waste reduction processes. In Europe, where governments strictly maintain the quality of freshwater resources, the waste generated by the cruise ships is highly regulated. It is not surprising that people rave about the continent’s clean rivers when they participate in one of these enjoyable and relaxing European river cruises.

Instead of throwing out used items such as tin cans, glass jars or old clothes, find other uses for them. Use tin cans to grow herbs that you can use for preparing meals. Use the jars to store food or drinks. Reusing is the second most effective means of waste management since it prevents waste generation by salvaging items from being thrown away.

Recycling is the third of the three methods but it doesn’t mean that it is not effective. The process involves creating a usable product from an item that has been thrown away. The most recyclable items are those made from glass, aluminum and paper, which industries can use in the manufacturing cycle again. There are recycling facilities in your neighborhood that you can contact to pick up recyclable items in your home.

Because each of us has a responsibility towards the environment, then it is just right for you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Helping the Homeless Through Binary Options Trading

28 Mar

Everyone deserves to have access to affordable housing. Unfortunately, though, despite the efforts of the government, many people still don’t have adequate shelter. They remain homeless and because of this, are not able to live their lives the way they want to. The sad part is that governmental efforts are often hampered by corporations. Such corporations often undermine the interests of the people because giving in to their demands would mean them losing business.

The good news, though, is that people can actually help out in providing shelter to homeless people on their own. They can give amazing help without having to rely on government programs. One way they can do this is through doing binary options trading online. By doing binary options trading, people can now earn enough to be able to regularly donate money to causes which aim to provide shelter to the homeless.

How does one do binary options trading? Binary options trading, unlike other kinds of trading, relies on people guessing which direction the price of an asset will move in. Correctly guessing the direction of the movement will net a trader a good amount of fixed money. Because of its relative simplicity, so many people from all over the world are now doing it.

What’s great is that unlike most kinds of trading, binary options trading can be profitable even when one only spends an hour or two doing it. Just by doing binary options trading a few hours a day, anyone can donate a good amount of money to the causes they favour on a regular basis. Of course, it goes without saying that people need to work with a brokerage that is actually legitimate and offers amazing services to their clients. Unless one works with such a brokerage, one won’t be able to make the most of binary options trading.

To most people, Banc de Binary Limited is the best binary options brokerage in the world. Most of the people who donate to charities regularly actually work with the brokerage. There are many reasons for this. One is that the brokerage’s trading platform guides everyone to actually make amazing trades virtually all of the time. So long as one is careful when using Banc de Binary’s trading platform, one can earn a good amount of money regularly. Such money can be used to benefit the many charities out there that aim to benefit the homeless, among other things.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get people to actually consider doing binary options trading for charitable purposes. In today’s world, it’s really amazing how such a tool can be used to circumvent the anti-progressive efforts of evil corporations. By doing binary options trading, you can definitely benefit the charitable causes of your choice on a regular basis. All you need to do is make sure that you are working with the right brokerage and actually make an effort to learn everything you can about binary options trading. It doesn’t matter how much of your profits you keep and give; what’s important is that you help out.

How to Have a Green Wedding

27 Mar

A wedding is usually regarded as an “once-in-a-lifetime” event. For this reason, weddings are mostly extravagant, with every detail planned and vast resources committed to it. If you are planning a wedding in the very near future, a wedding would be a good opportunity to show your family and friends how environmentally aware you are by having a green wedding.

A green wedding is an eco-friendly wedding; meaning, the event will leave a very minute environmental footprint. This may come as a surprise to you but there environmentally sustainable alternatives which you can incorporate in your wedding plans.

If it is feasible, consider sending out all or some of your wedding invitations electronically. You can send emails that link to a website containing the wedding details. With a website, you can include so much more information than the printed one. If you think this is too informal, find a printer that prints invitations from recycled paper. This will truly make your invitation unique.

Additionally, choose a store that sells eco-friendly products for your wedding registry and choose items that are environmentally sustainable. If you can forego the gifts, ask your guests to make donations to environmental organizations instead.

Consider renting the wedding clothes or recycling them. Having a new one made and using it only once can be really wasteful. A greener alternative would be to pick one from a vintage or second-hand store and have it altered to your size and taste. You will be saving a lot on your expenses, too, as second-hand dresses cost significantly less than a brand new one. The same can be done for your entourage as well. Otherwise, there are many shops that sell wedding clothes at reasonable prices. This site can help you choose beautiful discount flower girl dresses.

For the wedding reception, opt for a caterer offering a menu that uses local organic produce. By doing so, you will already have done your share in lessening the use of chemical fertilizers and the energy consumed in transporting food products. You can also arrange to have leftovers brought to a solid waste management facility for composting.

If you want a wedding that is truly memorable, then have a green one. Your friends and family will remember it as a unique event and they will also appreciate your social responsibility to the environment.

Are Trampoline Walkways An Environmentally Friendly Transportation Method?

17 Mar

trampolineThe public transportation structure in this country and in many other developed nations around the world is falling apart to say the least. Outdated and antique systems and structures are being held together with some new modifications but at its core it is inefficient, expensive and harmful to the environment.

There have been many suggestions for new transportation systems over the years however a unique and interesting one that is coming from Europe is that of trampoline walkways.

It might sounds like a strange idea however they have been proven to be environmentally friendly and healthy which is certainly no bad thing.

Indeed, these walkways are still very much in their infancy and it some cases it looks as though the pioneers behind the systems have went online to look at Skywalker trampoline reviews like this one or this one and used these models as the basis for their innovative pathways.

In a sense this is actually not a bad thing and we can look to Estonia as a place where they have been implemented and actually work.

There has been a reasonable about of investment to trial these trampoline walkways in the country and in the places that they have been implemented in they actually done very well. The public has received them with positivity, they are low cost to build and maintain and they have been shown to show at least marginal improvements to fitness and health.

When you think about it our daily commute isn’t actually that energetic. Beyond running for the subway or a cab it is a case of walking, sitting and then getting to our place of work. While this is more exercise than you would get if you just sat at home it doesn’t offer as much fitness as a trampoline walkway.

So before any local councils get on the internet and start looking at trampoline reviews by hunting through TheTrampoliners for inspiration what are some of the drawbacks of such a scheme?

Maintaining the walkways is one. While costs can be low using trampolines they are obviously more susceptible to damages than concrete pavements and even in pilot areas there have been damages. However beyond this the environmental effects actually outweigh any costs that the walkways incur.

For instance rather than spending money on other environmental measures to combat building new traditional walkways these trampoline pavements are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce a short, healthy and cheap transportation system in any city.

While we don’t expect to see everyone jumping down the sidewalk on a trampoline walkway the environmental impact has to be considered and they do represent a more efficient way especially on a small scale.

Until someone can come up with a viable way in which to get commuters to their place of work in a cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy manner then trampoline walkways is something that should be considered for certain section. They might not be a viable solution to the whole city however on a small scale they certainly aren’t the worst idea in the world.

How Eco-Friendly Is Your Smartphone?

07 Mar

There are not many people that purchase a smartphone on the basis of its environmental record.

Given all the different models available from Apple, Samsung and Google and the billions of dollars that goes into producing each one there is not much emphasis on ‘green issues’ within the industry. Today, in this blog post update, we want to pose the question regarding the Apple iPhone and its environmental credentials. We thought that Apple as a company had a lot of potential for being the first major green corporation however we worry that this just isn’t going to work especially given their recent announcements.

The new iPhone which is going to be released this year has already got a higher carbon footprint than the current one. Is this progress? We certainly don’t think so and Apple don’t seem to worry about finding a solution to this even if the general public do.

This is why jailbreaking is so popular. When folks jailbreak iPhone 5, it can significantly help the device’s environmental impact and ensure that it is more eco-friendly.

Let us explain.

Jailbreaking the Apple iPhone consists of hacking into the source code and basically opening up the device. This allows the iPhone 5 user to have more control over the smartphone and it also gives the iPhone new features and benefits. One of these is a better battery life. For many people the poor battery life was one of the reasons to ignore the iPhone 5 not just from a practical standpoint but from a green one too. Charging the Apple iPhone 5 might not cost thousands a year for each member of the public but collectively it has an impact.

A jailbroken Apple iPhone 5 requires less charging therefore the battery last longer and it causes less environmental problems as a result. It is kind of like rooting Android and the iPhone device is generally much greener after it has been jailbroken.

Is this a reason to fund a big corporation like Apple? We are realists here and we know that the public won’t just stop buying Apple devices as they are so popular these days. However if we can find a way to make these Apple devices and in particular the iPhone 5 and latest releases from Apple more environmentally friendly then that is a success. Jailbreaking provides this and while it is obviously frowned upon by Apple themselves it is their own fault and we have no sympathy for them.

At the end of the day Apple are one of the icons of the modern phone industry and they won’t change in the space of weeks and months. This is why it is up to us, the public, to act on their behalf. Jailbreaking an Apple iPhone 5 ensures that it is better for the planet. One jailbreak might not make a difference but thousands will and if you are charging up your iPhone 5 devices less then you are helping to save the planet and getting one up on a major company like Apple.

We hope that you, as readers, take action here and we will update again if there are any future developments on Apple and their environmental record.

Saving Money: Tips Most of Us Don’t Do

07 Mar

savingNot because you’re earning doesn’t mean you can spend all you want. Bills, rent, groceries – these are only few of every person’s necessity. Whether you’re single of you have a family, it’s wise to practice healthy spending to conserve as much finances as you can. Accidents and unwanted events happen anytime and if you don’t have a sizable cash pool, most probably you’ll find yourself dealing with loans or selling all your fixtures and properties. So before it’s too late, try these helpful saving tips.

Clear the debts

If you can sleep well each night even if you’re nearly buried with debts then good for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue this unlikable practice. Aside from the basic monthly expenses consuming your salary, you’re also adding debt which can eat up a fractional part of your wage. Thus, the initial step towards saving and conserving money is to clear all your debt. This I not easy especially if you have a long list of it, but once you’ve reached the peak be sure not to have any loan again.

Know your goals

If you’ve set a long list of goals, know which of them are important and which are not. If you’re saving up for a trip to London and your son needs assistance on his journey of being an Oklahoma City Attorney, you might want to reconsider. You can click here for affordable law schools in Oklahoma or you can reschedule your trip. By simply prioritizing your goals, you’re also saving up more cash than you think you are. Plus, you’re not skipping your responsibility to your family and to yourself.

Checklist of everything

Whether that’s your typical grocery or perhaps decors for the upcoming Christmas, making a list of what you need is highly beneficial. It doesn’t only speed up the shopping time but also saves you from purchasing items you don’t really need. Make it a hobby to make a checklist before hitting the mall or the market. If possible, make an estimate amount and bring only such amount. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t deprive yourself from satisfactions like buying a bar of chocolate you’re craving for, or buying a dress at reasonable price that you’ve been dying to have. The main idea here is to learn how to take control of your finances.

Pay in cash

Whatever you’re purchasing, it’s wise to pay in cash than in card. Leave all your credit cards at home and bring only enough amounts of cash. This will spare you from overspending. With credit cards, people often think they have enough cash to pay for whatever is in their cart. If this mentality continues, it won’t be long until you discover you already have nothing in your bank account. It’s also not healthy to give credit cards to your kids for they will develop such mentality at an early stage, which is simply not healthy.

Saving up us not easy and conserving money takes strong determination and perseverance. But with helpful techniques like this, you’ll surely grow that cash pool in no time.

How to Prevent Diseases Through Caring for the Environment

06 Mar

child with hayfever allergy sneezing blowing noseThe interaction between human beings and environment is a constant unavoidable fact. Those who take conscious care of the environment basically contribute effectively to the quality of life, health and disease prevention indirectly. The factors that deteriorate the environment are several, some of which include nutritional deficiencies, natural disasters, usage of hazardous chemicals and substances that may have a direct effect on soil, water, air or edibles. Here are a few ways that we can contribute to the cause of preventing different diseases that spread due to carelessness or unawareness bringing harm to the environment-


Safeguard Outdoor Air Quality

As most of the operations have now become automated, there are several indoor pollutants that reach out and pollute outdoor air. This maybe due infrastructures that have not been built on environmental friendly standards. As air quality deteriorates untimely deaths, cancer and other life threatening diseases take a toll. Air pollution must be reduced by using products and systems that are green friendly.


Protect Groundwater

Groundwater is basically used for not only sanitation and other recreational purposes but also for drinking. By contaminating groundwater diseases spread like wildfire. The environmental health is largely dependent on the quality of water that is being used. Pipelines and water systems must be invested in so as to decrease chances of pipes leaking and different forms of clean and unclean liquid mixing. Groundwater also gets affected through the running water that people leave while cleaning cars, bikes, houses and other personal belongings if the pressure washers are not green friendly. To find the best electric power washer check out Bart Powell’s reviews.




Control Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes

There are multiple sources of chemical exposure that takes place due to the industries functionality and even by community house uses. Effective waste management must be practised in order to avoid standing water and disease formation. For example, power washers that need no chemicals and have biodegradable substances must be used only for domestic as well as commercial use. Power washer reviews are available at  http://www.powerwasherreport.com/ which would explicitly explain how good power washers contribute to a healthy environment.





Saving Our Planet With Sustainable Air Filters

28 Feb

2airfilterIn a world that is quickly deteriorating from an environmental standpoint, it is crucial that we are able to incorporate sustainable and green technology into every aspect of our lives.

This is why air filters are becoming a hot topic amongst environmentalists like us because, as this technology is evolving, it is becoming more and more environmentally friendly. We believe that several other technologies can learn from air filters and incorporate some of this design and manufacturing process to create much more sustainable and cleaner technologies across the board.

So, what is being used in a modern day air filter that is contributing towards saving our planet?

Companies like Air Filter Buy carry Honeywell air filters and many of the other leading manufacturers are starting to use fine media instead of coarse fibers. Part of the problem and something that we have been trying to raise awareness of is low cost air filters. While these do serve a very important purpose in creating a healthier environment for those who can’t afford some of the higher end models, the way in which the low cost air filters are made and also the materials used cause more harm than good.

Take some of the very basic budget air filters on the market. The manufacturing techniques contribute to a significant amount of waste and many of the materials that are used are not ‘green’ or environmentally friendly. Indeed, even the process of purifying air itself racks up CO2 emissions and many low cost air filters are not sustainable in this way. They use up a large amount of energy that, while helping towards better health, are harming the environment.

We have always maintained that there is a third way. You can have efficiency and effective technology but this doesn’t have to come at the expense of planet earth.

For businesses especially we have been advocating the use of sustainable air filters and green technology that doesn’t need to be powered in a way that harms the world. Solar energy to power these devices is one option that we have put forward and some forward thinking companies have been using crop generation as a way to power their buildings.

What we recommend for both residential and commercial buildings are low energy air filters. This isn’t a monetary issue as they are often slightly more expensive however, on average, they use a significantly less percentage of energy (up to 75% in some cases) than regular, run of the mill and inefficient air filters and this can help to bring down your carbon footprint.

We aren’t naïve enough to think that low energy air filters will cut out climate change and harm to our environment completely however if everyone makes a commitment to using them then it can be an important first step. It is great that many companies are ploughing resources into creating greener air filters and we only hope that individuals and businesses that use them follow suit.

Maintenance Scheduling for Community Housing

28 Feb

Routine repairs and cleaning require planning and hard work for successful results. Cleaning a single house is difficult enough but the task of cleaning and maintaining community housing is on a different level altogether. Such a big scale task calls for the use of different measures. The primary requirement for cleaning and maintaining a community housing project is to have the right knowledge about what is to be done and how to do it.

Community housing is not just a cluster of ten or twenty homes. Some of the project can encompass as many as two thousand apartments and townhouses spread over different locations. For cleaning such a large area, one should have the right supplies, labor, knowledge and skills for planning and scheduling. It goes without saying that plenty of cleaning supplies are required for carrying out such tasks, so it is important to keep track of one’s inventory by using a powerful program such as IntelliTrack’s stockroom inventory software. Not only does the software program keep track of the location and condition of all the tools and supplies but it also maintains details pertaining to the levels of the items.

When cleaning a community housing project, you also have to consider the exteriors of the houses or apartment buildings. Also, the common areas need to be kept safe and clean for health reasons, besides aesthetics. Such areas might include playgrounds for the children, party rooms tenants can use for special events and games lounges.

A useful tip here would be to hire the right professionals to work as a team for cleaning the numerous residences. The key to approach such a massive project is proper planning. In addition, it is also a good idea to find a way to keep the tenants updated about the work being done.

The importance of planning, organizing and running a social housing maintenance and repairs project is not child’s play. Maintenance scheduling begins with categorizing the cleaning work needing to be done. There are the usual core tasks to be done daily or weekly both inside and outside the buildings. Then, there are jobs to be done on a monthly or even seasonal basis, especially in regions where there are definite changes in weather and the kind of dirt that accumulates. Washing windows is an example of a task usually done twice a year.

Next, it is important to think through all the preventative maintenance tasks which ensure none of the property deteriorates to the point of needing to be replaced before time. For example, cracked window panes and unreliable HVAC systems need immediate attention. A daily walk-around inspection of the buildings will help you develop a list of these tasks.

A maintenance schedule not only tells you what work must be done, where and when, it also has room to name the person or work team responsible. To make sure all the workers have the tools and supplies necessary, you can simply refer to the information on the inventory software program. It will tell you if cleaning supplies are running low or if equipment such as a lawn tractor needs to have an oil change.

Once there is a regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance schedule in place, it is easier to find the time to deal with the emergency repairs. Burst pipes and broken doors cannot wait to be placed on a schedule. When you have a software solution installed, you can see at a glance who is available and qualified to look after such emergencies with the least disruption to the regular maintenance and cleaning work. All the systematic organization pays off when the residents of the community housing units comment on how great the place looks.