Harnessing Energy from Renewable Sources

08 Apr

Harnessing Energy from Renewable SourcesThe search for alternative energy sources has now escalated to global proportions. Government agencies, educational institutions and scientists are all working together to look for alternative sources of fuels other than the traditional fossil sources. The direction is to find methods that are environmentally friendly. Most people would agree that the price that’s paid for the latest technology is the progressively increasing demand for fuel. This scenario has lead to the depletion of the some of the earth’s natural resources. Continue Reading

Teaching Energy Conservation in Schools

19 Mar

Teaching Energy Conservation in the ClassroomGiven that classrooms all over the country are used at a minimum of 40 hours each week, the accumulated cost for consumption can be overwhelming. Older institutions often occupy large buildings with wide rooms and high ceilings rooms which results in huge energy bills for public schools across all states.

By implementing energy-saving measures however, school administrators can help reduce their expenses by thousands of dollars each year. Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Fabrics that You Should Try

13 Sep

When you have high quality sewing machines, you can do just about anything. You can create fabulous red carpet gowns for your special clients or a simple school uniform for your kids. If you have experience as a tailor or seamstress, dealing with sewing machines can be very easy. However, if you want to feel even better with your work aside from its physical appearance, you also have to use eco-friendly fabrics. By then, you don’t just create a special dress, but you also help save the environment.

This article will cover some of the organic fabrics that you can use. The next time around, you can start creating your “Green” collection. This can even be made as the main brand of your clothing line. People would love it more if you patronize eco-friendly fabrics.

1. Organic cotton- Cotton production requires pesticides. This toxic substance hurts the environment. However, cotton can still be produced without the use of pesticides. They can be grown organically. They are prepared with toxic chemicals and other synthetic substances. If you want colored fabrics made from cotton, you can check out natural dyes used in the fabric. By patronizing organic cotton, you help in reducing the amount of chemicals being dumped into the environment.

2. Bamboo—This grass is easily grown. It can grow despite the absence of chemicals. They also have natural antibacterial properties. They are also highly renewable. Thus, supporting the use of bamboo as a fabric is definitely a good move.

3. Recycled polyester- Compared with virgin polyester, this fabric contains 75% less in terms of carbon footprint. Though they may contain toxic antimony, several companies are working on the removal of this substance. Thus, to support a fabric that eliminates the use of carbon in the production of the same high quality fabric and it will vastly help environmental causes.

4. Industrial hemp- This is a highly recommended material for fabrics. It is highly renewable. It does not require fertilizer to grow. It requires minimal pesticide or none at all. It is very easy to harvest. Most of all, it does not take away nutrients from the soil. Of course, it also produces high quality, durable fabrics.

5. Wool- The good thing about wool is that it is fire resistant. It also does not need chemicals for inputs during production. As long as you are to buy chlorine-free wool from animals that were treated well during production, you are good to go. If you can even find organic wool, it would be better.

Supporting these fabrics is a lot easier especially if you know how your support can be of help to the environment. Thus, the next time you are to create a beautiful dress, think of a fabric that does not hurt the environment. For now, if you wish to change your old sewing machine and look for the best embroidery machine, go here. If you have just started sewing and you want the best sewing machine for beginners, check http://www.threadworkartisan.com/what-is-the-best-sewing-machine-for-beginners/.

Incorporating the Use of Solar Power in Your Home

11 Sep

Conserving energy results in a healthier environment. This is because the use of less energy means reduced emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the air, resulting in cleaner air. As a homeowner, you are one of the major consumers of energy. You use energy to illuminate your house, cook food, take a shower, clean your house and car, and heat or cool your surroundings.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the average household consumes almost eleven thousand kilowatt-hours per year, which is almost three times the global average. Considering such figures, it is only appropriate to look for ways to minimize power consumption; and one of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of solar energy.

Solar power might sound too high-tech for you and if so, you might be in a conundrum which steps to take towards greening your home. A good place to start would be to read the various resources on the internet about solar power. You can also find several online sources of information about how houses can become more eco-friendly, in sites such as http://www.theneeds.com/news, a US news website containing informative articles not only on the environment but also on other relevant topics as well.

There are two types of solar power you make use of in your home: passive and active. Passive solar power involves utilizing the sun’s natural energy to heat or light the home. This means allowing more sunlight to come in during the daylight hours by strategic placement of windows and proper insulation. The more light coming in to your home, the less need for lighting you will have. The effect can be enhanced by painting rooms in light colors, for more sunlight reflection. Landscaping can even contribute to how warm and cool your house will be during the changing seasons. Trees can be planted in such a way that they will help cool your house in summer and let the sun rays in during winter, minimizing energy needs for heating and cooling.

Active solar power, on the other hand, makes use of solar or photovoltaic cells installed on the roof to capture and store solar energy, which you can then use to power the various electrical devices in your home. Harnessing the sun’s energy this way can drastically cut your power costs. However, how much solar power you can store will depend upon the type of solar system you are using and the general climate in your area. Obviously, the solar energy available in winter or cloudy days will not be as much as the amount you have during summer or sunny days. Ideally, you can use the energy stored in the solar cells as a supplement to your regular power connection. Fortunately, solar systems have become accessible to more households, since they have become less expensive in recent years.

The use of fossil fuels to meet the world’s energy needs have dire consequences not only on the environment but also on the world’s population. Investing on the use of solar energy for your home will certainly pay off in the long term since you will be saving on energy costs. Most of all, you will be doing your part in making the Earth more livable for the present and future generations.

Running a Small Home Business

11 Sep

Running a small business from your own home is more cost effective than renting or buying office space. The trouble comes when your home simply isn’t big enough to accommodate your family and your work.  That’s where portable building rentals come in, like the ones here.

Not only are they cheap to buy or rent, they are also cheap to run, especially if you pay out to have a solar panel for your electric fitted.  As well as saving money on your energy bills, you will also be helping to save the environment.

Working from Home Takes Discipline

It certainly does.  Having a separate office or building that you can shut yourself away in is a requirement, to keep yourself away from any unnecessary distractions.  Although you don’t have to work a nine-to-five day, you so have to have structure to your working day.

Every day, before you finish, draw up a to-do list for the following day of everything you need to do.  This way you don’t forget anything and you get a wonderful sense of achievement when you knock things off the list.

Set yourself a strict start time every day.  This may not be the biggest problem – that will come in knowing when to stop, especially if you are on a bit of a roll.  While your working day must go with the flow, make sure you aren’t burning the candle at both ends all the time. Make sure you have time off to recharge your batteries. 

Have Insurance

Especially for all your consumables like computers and office equipment. A broken computer can cost your business dearly, especially if you are using it for business but outside the premises.  Also, include something called Homeworkers Insurance, which will cover the cost of a new office if yours get damaged and you have to move out.


Properly registered business can claim a certain proportion of their bills against their taxes. If you use a portable building for your workspace you can keep your bills separate – a separate telephone for business only, separate electricity (if you get the solar panel you might find all your bills are paid for) even a separate water supply.

However, if you can’t get separate supplies you will need to know how to proportion the bills for tax purposes – the IRS will help you with that.  An easy way to do it though is split the bill by how many rooms there are in your house for electricity purposes. Now work out how many hours and days you work and divide the bill accordingly.

Again, consider trying to get yourself a separate place to work – not only will it pay for itself, it will be much more conducive to productivity and less distractions.  Working in a portable building, like the ones that Portable Building Pros offer can save you a fortune on energy bills if you just kit it out right.  Energy saving bulb, solar panel, bottled water, all can save you a small fortune over the course of a year.

How Businesses Can Help in Preserving the Environment

09 Sep

There are various ways on how businesses can also help in preserving the environment.  Whatever industry that you’re in, your office can make a contribution. Let everyone in the company participate in this good cause. Every little effort counts as this could do a lot in saving mother earth. Here are some of the things that you can do to go green in your company.

Conserve Energy

Energy conservation does not just reduce the cost of electricity in your office, but this is also one way of preserving the environment. As you may already know, coals are burned in power plants to produce electricity that is then distributed to households and businesses. This produces toxic gases that could be dangerous to the environment. By conserving energy, less electricity is used, thus lesser amount of coals to burn.

Recycle or Reuse Things

Different products make use of natural resources. Moreover, the process of creating them usually requires the use of electricity. By recycling or reusing various materials, you help in saving these resources and again, less energy is consumed. Moreover, improper disposal of these products could also harm the surroundings. Instead of adding to the bulk of garbage that need to be processed in landfills, you can reuse them, which will also add some money on your savings. For instance, instead of throwing papers that still don’t have anything printed on one side; you can use them for printing or writing other information or data.

Use Products That Are Environment Friendly

Energy efficient products are available. They use lesser energy, which again helps lower your energy cost and at the same time lets you help in the preservation of the environment. For instance, an energy efficient air conditioning unit would be faster to cool and will use less amount of energy.

A copier is another machine that’s often used in offices. You would also find energy efficient copiers that are ideal for your green project. There are quality new and second hand copiers for sale that are made by leading brands like Brother and Canon. Other companies like Copy Machines Direct offer leasing of copiers, which is another option.  After the lease period and you wish to extend leasing, you could have it change with a more energy efficient product, in case there’s a new release in the market. Moreover, you don‘t have to worry about its disposal.

Encourage Carpooling

Not everyone may be willing to give up driving their own car, especially those who value their privacy so much that they don’t wish to share a vehicle with other co-workers. However, you may encourage employees to try this by letting them know about the benefits. Those who are on the same way and go to work at the same time may consider this since not only it helps save the environment by reducing carbon emission, but it could also help save fuel cost.

All of these are simple but effective ways on how you and everyone in the company can do your part in preserving the environment. You may also consider using non-toxic cleaning products.

Environment-friendly Products for Treating Varicose Veins

01 Sep

There are certain products that you can apply on your throbbing legs if you suffer from varicose veins. There are products that may relieve the pain that you feel. Some others are meant to gradually reduce the visible signs of varicose veins.

The only problem with some products is that there are too many chemicals used and the processes in which they are made are not necessarily considered environment-friendly. The good news is that there are some companies that have made efforts to ensure that they can provide treatment to varicose veins and at the same time ensure that the products are environment-friendly.

Positive Ratings

You can check this online guide to see if a particular product used to treat varicose veins is environment-friendly or not. They also provide ratings for other products used to treat other face and skin conditions. They also provide information on what chemicals were used in the manufacturing of the product.

There are products with no rating at all as they have not shown signs of being environment-friendly or they simply did not show their data. Some of them have very high ratings as they have shown almost all characteristics of environment-friendliness during the manufacturing of the product.

Help in Your Decision Making

All these ratings only mean that you have to consider products that are not harmful for the environment. Yes, you want to find a way to treat your condition, but you don’t want to patronize products that do not show concern to the environment. If we patronize products that are environment-friendly, then many other companies will follow through. They will also ensure that they follow the right protocol in creating an environment-friendly product. They will feel pressured as their clients will start opting for other brands.

Other Options for Varicose Veins Treatment

Aside from products that you can apply externally, you can also go for other treatments from experts. There are laser treatments available. You can also go for sclerotherapy where injections are made on the affected areas to lighten the visible spots. If you want to know further details regarding varicose vein treatment in charlotte, you can go here.

Protect the Environment and Earn More Benefits

23 Aug

Caring for the environment is something that we can incorporate in our day to day lives. You’ll be surprised that there are things that you can do that could actually help in protecting mother earth and will also benefit you in the process. There are several organizations that are committed in saving the nature. You may join them if you wish to. However, if you are unable to do so for some reason, this shouldn’t stop you from doing your part. Wondering what you can do to help? Here’s how.

Conserve Energy

Electricity used in households and businesses is often created by burning coals that produces gases, which are dangerous to the environment. By conserving energy, not only will you save money on the electricity bill, but this will also lessen the emission of toxic gases.

Drive Less Frequently

Taking the public transportation is also one way of saving earth, since the carbon dioxide emitted from car fuel would be lessen. The more people who commute, the lesser private cars would be used, which means lesser dangerous gases produced. If this is inconvenient, you may also consider carpooling with friends or officemates. This would also save you some cash, as you can share on the fuel expenses. If you can’t give up using your own car, you could still limit its use by doing several errands in one trip.

Save on Foods

The foods that you eat come from different resources such as animals, trees and plants. Wasting foods also means putting these resources into waste. Plan your meals so you can purchase only the products that you need. Again, this will also save you some dollars. If you have excess food, donating them on food banks would be the best way to go, instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Grow Plants and Trees

Start your own garden. This will not just beautify your home, but it will also give you fresh produce that you could use on your meals. While trees may take years to grow, your future children and grandchildren would benefit on what you do today. Plants and trees absorb gases that could be dangerous to people and the environment.

Bring Your Own Cup or Plate

Disposable cups and plates use natural resources. Those made in plastic are non-biodegradable, which could be difficult to dispose. Moreover, burning them could cause pollution. By bringing your own cup and plate, there’s no need to use disposable items, thus helping conserve our natural resources.

We must do our part in preserving the environment; after all, we only have one world to live in. Different industries are also finding ways on how to contribute to this great cause, including those in the medical field. For instance, eco-friendly breast implants were started to be developed in 2012.

Cosmetic surgeons from Seattle and Santa Monica perform this procedure. Aside from finding a surgeon that uses eco-friendly implants, you may also choose a clinic that practices proper waste disposal and uses lesser papers, which can all contribute in protecting the environment. Choose only a board certified surgeon when considering breast augmentation in Seattle. If you choose to get breast augmentation in Santa Monica, there are clinics that offer no obligation consultation. Take advantage of it in choosing the best surgeon for you.

Whether it’s for your surgery or your day to day routines, you can always find ways on how you can contribute in protecting the environment.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint – How Locksmiths can Help

21 Aug

At the forefront of world discussions these days is the environment and how we can all do our bit to help protect it.  The subject of the carbon footprint comes up frequently although not many people really understand what it is.

The carbon footprint is to do with greenhouse gases that human activity produces, whether directly or indirectly. It is normally discussed in terms of CO2.  For example, driving a car produced CO2 from the burnt fuel – how much depends on how the car is driven and how much fuel is burnt.

Heating your house produces CO2, even if you use electric and the production process of the food and other goods you buy also produces a certain amount.  All of this CO2 goes into the atmosphere and is a direct cause of global warming, something that needs to be stopped, or at least slowed down if we are to avert a major environmental catastrophe in the future.

How Can We Help?

Everyone can help by cutting down on the amount they drive, by not using their heating or air conditioning when it isn’t needed.  Every business is trying to do its bit to reduce their carbon footprint, including locksmiths.  Now, you might wonder how a locksmith can possibly help but you shouldn’t be surprised at the answer:

  • Electronic Invoicing

Many locksmiths have now gone over to electronic invoicing, doing away with all the paper required for invoices and receipts. Any mail or other waste paper in their offices is shredded and recycled.

  • Metal

If a lock can be fixed, it will be. Most locksmiths do not change locks for the sake of it and, if they do, the old lock is melted and reused

  • Plastic

Most companies find that their materials are delivered wrapped in some kind of plastic.  Anything that can be is sent for recycling.

  • Vehicles

Many locksmiths now use scooters or bicycles instead of cars and vans, especially if they are working in a local area.

One way you can help protect the environment is to only use professionals who use green methods in their work.  If you are looking for a good locksmith in Bromley give this company a look – you won’t be disappointed.

Are Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Surgeries Possible?

28 Jul

It’s nice to see that consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly products. There are recent reports that say that it is a huge turn off for consumers to know that the shoes or clothes they’re buying were made in factories packed with working children.

But now the trend is reaching into even the most unlikely industries, like cosmetic surgeries. If I saw a woman who just had new pairs of gorgeous breasts, I would not wonder if her new “babies” are eco-friendly or not. I would not wonder where on earth those silicones were made. But apparently, some do. Even the cosmetic surgery is embracing the “green” mindset.

In 2012, scientists from the University of Akron claimed to have developed a more eco-friendly version of silicone breast implants. This “biorubber” implant used a rubber material, called thermoplastic elastomers, as a shell of a breast implant. This shell had a lot of good qualities. It is more durable and lighter than silicone. It is also more impermeable compared to other rubbers thus more effective in preventing gel leakage. The materials are also generally environmental friendly and reusable. What’s more is that cancer-fighting drugs and cancer diagnostic agents can be implanted into the shell and released to the rest of the body. That’s an awesome technology that can certainly help those with breast cancer.

This is one specific technology that has the potential for guaranteeing a relatively greener surgery. But what are other ways that plastic surgeries can be potentially more eco-friendly?

Sources of the Materials/Products

If an industry is to be truly green, it has to go down as deep as the sources of the raw materials. In the case of cosmetic surgeries, let’s take into account the basic materials used in surgeries. First, where do the surgical instruments like needles and tubes come from? Apparently, some 5,800 children work in a factory in Sialkot, Pakistan to produce hundreds of thousands of surgical instruments. The reality of the situation is that most of the products we use for convenience, comfort, and advancement of lifestyle can be traced back to child-labor-guilty sweatshops. If you doubt this, just read this.

Nature of the Products

We should also consider the very nature of the drugs and other chemicals used in the procedures. Are these chemicals environmentally safe in terms of how they were manufactured and their properties? If they were released to the environment, what impact will they have? For example, if you want breast implants, you should choose the types of implants wisely. Will you go for saline or silicone implants? Clinics often give you the options, just like Owsley Plastic Surgery which performs breast augmentation in Spokane, Idaho.

Clinical Practices

Let’s also take a look at the practices in the clinic or hospital itself. Do they waste a lot of paper for worthless purposes? Are their energy sources eco-friendly? What about their furnishings and appliances? All of these factors in as to how environmentally friendly a clinic is.

There are also some surgical practices that are considered to be more eco-friendly, like transferring a woman’s own fat into her breast to enlarge it. This is practiced by this clinic that conducts breast augmentation in New York.

The move for a greener cosmetic surgery is still in its infant stages, so consumers should probably do their own careful research before undergoing a certain surgery. 

How We Can Save Mother Earth through Educating Our Children

26 Jul

With global warming and environmental issues on the rise across the globe, it has become an important agenda nowadays to save Mother Nature. While governments worldwide are gradually laying down solutions such as turning to alternative and earth-friendly energy sources and establishing environment-safe policies, big corporations and companies are slow to react to this global phenomenon that threatens our world today.

That is why one of the best ways to change the course of the destruction of our planet due to human activities is to turn to the future generation for help. Through properly educating our children about the state of the world and the environment as early as possible, we will be able to guide the future leaders and models of this generation to think critically and to act progressively for the sake of our world and the next generations.

In the past, educating children meant preparing them for the workplace and making them productive citizens of society. Now, educating children should also include preparing them to deal with and to solve a plethora of environmental issues that affect or will affect them. As they grow and are empowered with knowledge and information, they can participate and contribute to family, community, and societal affairs as a productive and environment-conscious citizen. Once they become adults, they can also carry their advocacy in their jobs and take a stand against practices that are harmful to humans and to the environment.

Another benefit of educating our children about the environment is that at an early age, we can empower them with information and knowledge that they can share to other children in and beyond the four walls of the classroom. In their own way, they can become educators and leaders at a young age, and fully exercise their right to be heard in society. Many international non-government agencies or developmental organizations which support children worldwide, such as Unicef, recognizes this basic right of children. Through educating them and informing them of their rights as children early on, we can put them towards the right direction in making the right choices for a better environment and a better world.

Eco-friendly Ways to Fireproof Your Home

25 Jul

Fire is an ever-present threat to homeowners everywhere. A fire can occur anywhere and at any time. Because of its devastating effects on both life and property, it is an occurrence that must be avoided. This is especially true during the summer months and more so if you live in a dry environment. If you own a home, it would be to your benefit to put some measures in place that will prevent a fire or minimize its damage.

There is more to fire prevention than just putting up strategically-placed fire extinguishers around the house. Fireproofing includes not only being able to put out fires when they occur but also being able to prevent it from occurring in the first place. It also means protecting your home from fire damage as much as possible. For added property protection, you can have your house insured from fire. You can consult the financial advisers of your insurance company if this can be incorporated into your existing policy, on terms which are affordable to you. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to switch life insurance providers like HBF, which can offer you a better deal. Fire insurance is a good complement to a fireproofed home.

You can fireproof your home in several ways; however, you have to do so in ways that do not harm your health or the environment. This is important because there have been recent concerns about the toxic chemicals being used in fire retardants. These chemicals are known as polybrominated diyphenyl ethers or PBDE. They have been found to accumulate and in the fat tissues when a person is exposed to them and can cause toxicity in the brain and liver. Fortunately, some manufacturers have responded appropriately and there are now safer alternatives out in the market. These fire retardants are made from organic water and ingredients that are derived from plants. Moreover, they do not contain halon, a substance that contributes to the production of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, when you purchase fire extinguishers for your home, make sure that they are eco-friendly and free from toxic components.

Have an electrician or a professional inspect the working condition of your home appliances at least once a year. This will not only determine their energy efficiency, potential problems and fire hazards can be detected such as exposed wires and overloaded electrical outlets. Further, ensure that any smoke alarm installed inside the house is working properly. A smoke alarm is one of the most important fire prevention devices you can have in your home.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home can contribute much in preventing fires. Clean away debris in the yard regularly since dry leaves and shrubs can catch fire very easily especially during the dry season. In summer, the warm air can facilitate the rapid spreading of a fire. As a precaution, store your recycling bins outside the house. If there is a recycling facility in your neighborhood, be sure to drop off the recyclables at least once a week or when the bins are in full capacity. Never store excessive amounts of paper materials such as old magazines and newspapers, as they are potential fire hazards. If you have articles in the house that you do not need anymore such as old clothes, shoes or toys, it would be a good idea to give them away to charitable organizations. Having too many stored items around the house is not very sensible as far as fire prevention is concerned. The more stuff you have, the quicker a fire can spread.

A home is not only an expensive investment. More importantly, it is a place that provides shelter for you and your family – shelter from the natural elements and protection from the hazards of the outside world. By exercising simple fire preventive measures, you can enhance your sense of security and make your home a safer place to live in.

The Surprising Alternative to Oil

25 Jul

One of the main topics of conversation these days is how dependent we are on oil but no one ever says what this oil is. Yes, we know its fossil fuel but whose fossils? Well, it’s mainly little plants although there is the chance that you may be burning a dinosaur or two as well. 

To be honest, it’s the human way of life – living off road kill.  Early humans scavenged for meat before they taught themselves to hunt it down. These days we are still scavengers of a sort – think about the meat you buy when you go shopping. Sounds odd, I know, but, in effect, someone has already killed the meat for you and wrapped it up nice and neatly.

Stop Scavenging, Start Living

It, in my humble opinion, is time we stopped living off what is already dead.  I can’t really say that about food but when it comes to oil and becoming self-sufficient fuel wise, the answer is all around us.

I thought about this when I read recent stories about people stealing old cooking fat to fuel their cars with. Can you guess where I’m going yet?  Forget scavenging used cooking fat, why not use the hydrocarbons, high energy ones at that, that we all have.

Smartlipo – that’s what I’m talking about and how it hasn’t occurred to any of these so-called corporate geniuses yet is beyond me.  I looked up Smartlipo Baltimore surgeons are raving about and found a great website that told me what I needed to know.

Fat Fuel not Biofuel

Any liposuction or Smartlipo procedure has the potential to take about half a gallon of fat from each person it is performed on. Look at the numbers – around 30% of Americans are classed as obese. That’s about 90 million people and, at half a gallon of fat each, that’s 45 million gallons of liquid fat.

Human fat, gross as it sounds, is the best and energy efficient alternative to biofuel.  You might think biofuel is an environmentally friendly alternative but, when you think about it, we are growing good staple foods, such as corn, and turning them into fuel.

That food would feed people who are starving but instead we take it to noisy smelly factories and, at great cost, covert it into gas for our vehicles.  We could turn that around though – make the corn into Doritos, humans eat the Doritos and then go for liposuction – hey presto, a bit more fat.

Smartlipo – The Smart Choice

Ok, so not everyone needs liposuction and it isn’t without its risks. And, those of you who insist of driving gas-guzzling vehicles may soon find yourself in trouble with no reserves left to call on.

While you may think this is all a bit of a joke, it needn’t be. The sad truth is that America is the world leader when it comes to obesity. Add in all the other countries in the world and, potentially, we are sitting, perhaps quite literally, on a little (or large) gold mine.

On a more serious note, if you do require a surgeon who does Smartlipo in Baltimore, I recommend this clinic – private, professional and highly qualified staff.

Into The Darkness

21 Jul

We’re all used to it by now, the constant digging up of the roads and pavements for pipes and cables to be repaired or new ones laid.  What gets me is why the utility companies can’t get together and do it all in one hit. They don’t seem to realize the impact they are having – not just on the people whose daily lives are disrupted but to the environment too.

Now it’s happening again – fibre optic cables are being rolled out everywhere and that means another road or two being dug up.  That means yet another load of cables going in on top of the ones we already have.

A Better Way

The thing is, there is a better way. I understand that these things have to be done – we need sewer lines, we need electricity and cable and, these days, we all need that fast internet. What we don’t need is another layer in the ground, or the roads being dug up time and time again.

The solution is called dark fibre.  It’s fibre optic cable that isn’t being used – yet. Instead of digging up the road several times, dark fibre providers should be able to gain access to the trenches when they are first dug. That way, their cable can be installed, inside a sewer line, or a conduit that used to carry electricity cables.  It can sit there for as long as it needs, not being used.

Dark fibre is also capable of carrying a much bigger and faster bandwidth than any other form of connection. Therefore, it can serve more homes and businesses and if it’s laid in a trench or pipe that is already there, it takes up less space.

How Does it Help the Environment?

For a start, it means the roads are only dug up once. That means less noisy dirty vehicles are used, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and emissions sewed into the air. Plus, dark fibre providers, such as this one, use autonomous robots to get into the pipes and lay the lines. That cuts the cost of installing and cuts down on the number of people and vehicles required as well as the time taken to install.

Everyone wins – we all get our high-speed internet, we don’t get another trench dug in the road and the environment is given a bit of breathing space.